Pawn Stars Pawn Shop

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As the setting for the hit reality TV show on the History Channel this pawn shop is a bit different than your average. The decor is nicer and the goods are pretty impressive. This is where high rollers and not-so-high-rollers might grab some extra dollars to gamble with. Others come here to benefit, finding upscale items such as silver bars and Tag Heuer watches. For the general public business hours are daily from 9 AM to 7 PM except Christmas and Thanksgiving. You can also make reservations for a Meet and Greet VIP tour which includes local pick-up. (Submitted by PerezAna)

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Book Club Trip Pawn Stars 2020
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Hi Rick !! Book club trip 2020
the closest you’ll get
September 30, 2015
Inside the pawn shop
September 2014
Gold & silver pawn shop in Las Vegas
The Gold & Silver Pawn shop Last Vegas
October 23, 2021
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