Wheel Of Misfortune

Saves: 44
Check-ins: 1
A renegade graffiti artist was able to sneak into this abandoned mining site to create this ground mural. It is indeed a powerful message in a city characterized by vice. Fashioned after the gameshow "Wheel of Fortune," this circle of mishap measures 250 feet in diameter. Most of the spaces will win you a total of $000 but some will get you into the negative with messages such as "LOSE A HOME" or "LOSE ALL HOPE." In fact, "AWARE" is the only optimistic space that the player has a small chance of landing on. Pin this spot at the top of your list; this wheel will not outlast the elements forever. (Submitted by Guillermo Arce)

Member Photos

Go! There’s more than just that wheel. There’s graffiti everywhere and a pit with a fire hose if you’re daring enough.
Walking toward the wheel trying to find which circle it’s in.