Batsto Ghost Town


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This ghost town's odd name stems from the Swedish word for a bathing place ("batstu"). Hence the name Batsto for Batsto Village, Batsto Ironworks, and Batsto River. The town began with the ironworks which was built on the Batsto River in 1766. The Batsto Ironworks made supplies for the American Continental Army during the Revolution which included cooking pots, kettles, and household items. The town sprung from the foundation created by the Iron Works. When the iron industry declined around mid-19th century, the town turned to the craft of glassmaking which too eventually failed. In 1876, properties around the bankrupt town were bought up by Joseph Wharton who improved the area. Upon his death a trust company managed his properties until the state of New Jersey purchased his land. The town became an operating historic site after the last of the citizens vacated.


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