20 Feet Tall Junk Roadrunner

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This 40-foot long, 20-foot tall giant junk (recycled) roadrunner has been a Las Cruces landmark since artist Olin Calk built it in 1993. The Roadrunner was retooled and rebuilt a number of times - once after it stood at a landfill for a few years and another time after it stood at a rest stop. Now it's back at the rest stop but it's standing on top of a rock, and, yes, it was Olin who refitted the roadrunner with new (old) scrap metal all those times! (Photo by Natalie Patino)

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Neat bird
Good bye Bird
June 16, 2021
Right along the freeway
Scenic overlook rest area
World’s largest Roadrunner made of junk. Las Cruces, NM at the rest stop at gps coordinates of 32.2816593, -106.8658131 on Eastbound Interstate 10
November 2, 2022