Tinkertown Museum

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Tinkertown's blend of folk art and nostalgia make it a definite stop for any Route 66er despite the fact that it didn't even open until 1983, way after Route 66 had become extinct in this part of New Mexico. But Tinkertown really has less to do with Route 66 and more to do with Ross Ward who lived there! Ross loved roadside attractions as a kid so he learned about the type of things people would pay to see. So he built Tinkertown and filled it with a collection of Old West paraphernalia, road culture relics, and exhibits from defunct attractions, after which he added hundreds of his own hand-carved figures and large animated dioramas, then packed it all into a maze-like structure, built out of cemented rocks and junk. There's so much to see in Tinkertown that you're bound to actually hear that statement when you visit the gift shop! (Photo by Valerie Baum)

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