Genesee Brewery Tour

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Founded in 1878 and based in Rochester, New York, the Genesee Brewing Company is one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the United States. The Genesee line of beers are made in this brewery including the Genesee, Genny Light, and the original Genesee Cream Ale. Pilot brewery tours are free and may be taken on the top of every hour and upon request if a guide is available. You'll learn the history of brewing and discuss the brewing process. Tours can last 15-30 minutes, depending on guest involvement, and are offered throughout the week on a first come, first served basis. Note that tastings are separate and cost $2 per person for four 2 oz. samples in the pilot brewery. The proceeds from the tastings are donated directly to local charities. You can also explore the Brew House through a virtual tour.

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