The Ramble Cave


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The Ramble appears to be a natural place in the city but you must really thank the efforts of Central Park's planners for that! The planners and builders of the park put in countless hours constructing this rustic and remote landscape which has evolved over the years. But if you look hard you can still see it's original features. One of those interesting features is the long-lost Ramble Cave which was not part of the design that would become Central Park. A lot of construction and excavation left a large deposit of "rich mould" found in a small bay on the north side of The Lake. After the mould was carried away it revealed a narrow cavity which didn't exactly fit the plan of the park so it was disguised to look like a natural cave by setting several large rocks and stones in and around the cavity, giving the impression that they had slid down naturally. At the southern exit, rough stones were laid out to form a staircase leading from the lake-side path down into the cave. The Ramble Cave became a popular attraction in the park. Unfortunately, the cave attracted crime so it was sealed off. The steps are still there but it's easy to miss this feature of a young Central Park.