Kindred Spirit Mailbox

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Frank Nesmith started the tradition in the 1980s because of a suggestion by an old girlfriend. Since then, this mailbox, placed on a serene beachside road, has acted as a sort of therapy for tens of thousands of people. Notebooks and pens are provided in the mailbox with which visitors have penned their most private thoughts, well wishes, desires, and regrets. It's also the inspiration behind Nicholas Sparks' book "Every Breath." You can park for free at Sunset Beach Pier and then walk southwest along the beach for just over a mile. (Photo by Jimmy Olsen)

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Kindred Spirit sunset beach, NC
It’s a loooooooooooooong way down the beach from where you park! But totally worth the 1.5 mile walk!
40th st beach access to Kindred Spirit mailbox
If you take a litter Patrol basket on this hike, then you are on the right path.