Yates Mill

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This fully restored grist mill had its beginnings in 1756 and is to date one of the oldest buildings in the county. Still operable, the water-powered mill is still used to make cornmeal. The mill is open to tourists only from March to November but you can buy Yates Mill stone-ground cornmeal any time of the year at the visitor center.

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Yates Mill Raleigh NC August 2021
Yates Mill served Wake County as a water-powered mill for more than 200 years. Of the 70 gristmills that served Wake County, Yates Mill is the only one still in operating condition. The mill was an important economic and social center for residents. The water-powered gristmill was an important economic and social center for residents of Wake County from colonial times through the early 1900s. Gristmills provided the important service of grinding corn and wheat into meal and flour. In rural areas of North Carolina, before towns or crossroad-stores developed, gristmills served as public gathering places for scattered rural populations.