Lake Erie Bluffs

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Lake Erie Bluffs are considered ecologically important with a significant and diverse population of plant and animal species existing in the wetlands and undeveloped lake habitat. It mimics an oceanfront area with beach bluffs and sandy shores. Visitors come to walk, hike, or fish. There's a great observation tower that gives you a 360-degree view of the lake and its surroundings. The tower is located nearest the Clark Road entrance (2901 Clark Road). If the parking lot is full, the Lane Road entrance (3301 Lane Road) is just around the corner where visitors can park and access the tower by way of a beautiful short trail. (Submitted by Ashlee Dustman)

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They have an indoor fireplace as well as an outdoor on the opposite side of the indoor one. It’s always got wood but I’d bring tinder for sure! The doors are pulled up when it’s nice out (they are glass garage like doors) and aren’t the best in winter but with the fire, you’re warm near it. There’s also picnic tables inside and a bathroom round the corner.