Toy and Plastic Brick Museum

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Also known as the Unofficial Lego Museum this building full of wondrous childhood toys was once a school. Now every floor is chock-full of the largest Lego exhibits including life-sized Lego humans, large cities, an Arctic snow land with penguins and polar bears, and even a Statue of Liberty. The museum is only open from May to October so plan your visit accordingly!

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Visit the gift shop to pay the small admission and grab a few must have mini figs! Like baby Yoda
Opened now. As adults who love plastic bricks we had a great time! There’s a theme for everyone. There’s also a World record mat of 1 million bricks. But the favorite big item is the animated, life sized brick band on the old school stage. They have a gift shop too. The staff are very friendly. They have a few works under construction but there’s so much to see you need to walk through several times. Which is okay with them.
The undersea habitat is a kid pleaser.