America's Oldest Drive-in

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Shankweiler's Drive-In is a well-known landmark because of its longevity - it's been in operation for a long time. It's a single-screen movie theater located off Route 309 in Orefield. The drive-in is the oldest operational drive-in theater in the United States and runs during weekends and only in April, May, and September, while playing films seven days per week in June, July, and August through Labor Day. Admission gives patrons access to both nightly movie showings. Wilson Shankweiler opened the drive-in on April 15, 1934, thus creating the first drive-in theater in Pennsylvania and the second drive-in theater to open in the entire United States. Updates to Shankweiler's in 1948 include installed speaker poles and car speakers. Still, in 1955, Hurricane Diane caused extreme damage to the screen and projection booth, issuing forward the construction of a new snack bar, projection booth, and a new CinemaScope movie screen! Shankweiler’s drive-in is still in operation. It features a double feature for one price of admission, a sound system transmitted over radio frequencies (90.7 FM), and a full snack bar with food choices such as turkey BBQ, chili dogs, nachos, and popcorn.

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July 22, 2022 Great place have been going since 1970’s
July 22, 2022
July 22, 2022