Chanticleer Garden

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This beautiful garden, once known as the Rosengarten estate (built in 1912), is one of the great gardens within 30 minutes of Philadelphia, located on the historical Main Line. Chanticleer is a colorful, 48-acre botanical garden that welcomes visitors for relaxation, walking, and picnics. In 1993 the grounds became open to the public. "Chanticleer" originates from the French word for rooster and a stone rooster decorates the entrance gate. There's a collection of open lawns and large trees and many different sections that include: Asian Woods, a Pond Garden, a Teacup Garden, Minder Woods (a heavily vegetated area with towering red oaks and dark green pines), the Tennis Court Garden, the "The Ruin" Garden, and the Minder House, to name a few. The garden opens every March or April through October, Wednesday through Sunday. In 1984 Chanticleer Gardens was added to the National Register of Historic Places.