Kutztown's Crystal Cave

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This natural wonder was discovered by two PA Dutchmen in 1871. In 1872, the cave and surrounding land was purchased by a Greenwich Township farmer who excavated the cave for a year before opening it to the public and charging 25 cents for admission. Since then ownership has changed a few times but Crystal Cave remains an attraction even though attendance has dropped a bit over the years. In order to entice more business a "Pan for Gems" sluice was added. Tours run for about 40 minutes in the 56-degree Fahrenheit cave which twists around a water carved passage broken down into five passages. The variety of formations in the cave include The Zoo formation consisting of a seal, camel, alligator, beaver, and a turtle and the Fried Eggs formation inside rooms named the Crystal Ballroom, the Devil's Den, the Totem Pole, and the Bridal Veil. Tickets can be purchased in the gift shop where you can also buy souvenirs, rocks, and minerals.

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