Frederick Stegmaier Mansion


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The "Stegmaier" name is well known throughout America and abroad because the family owned the Stegmaier Brewery in Wilkes-Barre. Charles Stegamier began brewing Stegmaier Beer in 1857 and the beer became so well known that it won many gold medals in Paris, Brussels, and Rome and it came to be called Stegmaier "Gold Medal" Beer. Stegmaier Beer is brewed at the Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre. The mansion's historical significance, however, begins 36 years before Frederick J. Stegmaier's ownership. Around 1870 the mansion was constructed by a locally renowned architect and builder named Missouria B. Houpt. It wasn't until January 1906 when Frederick J. Stegmaier purchased the Mansion and it remained in the Stegmaier family until the late 1940s. The mansion is now fully restored to its original grandeur with four historic rooms and suites and offers seasonal and thematic Teas and tours where you can sample some Stegmaier beer and dark chocolate sea salt caramels while enjoying entertainment by a barbershop quartet.



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