Lehigh Tannery Historic Site


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On Tannery Road at the Hickory Run State Park you'll find the old Lehigh Tannery. This easy path is one of the many places to pull over and explore along the road. The upper half of this old building is long gone. All that remains is the bare skeleton of what was once a vast building. Steeped in the history of the Carbon County and White Haven area, the Lehigh Tannery is a nice place to visit for many who are fascinated with the historical value of a once booming region. Lehigh Tannery was the largest tannery in the United States from 1860 to 1874. At its peak it produced 80,000 hides each year. The Lehigh Tannery experienced two fires. The first happened in 1865; the second occurred in 1874. The building burned down to the foundation and was never rebuilt because of a lack of trees and unprofitability.



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