Little Shickshinny Falls

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Little Shickshinny Falls is a small, lesser known waterfall and just a mere 5-10-minute hike to reach. The path to the upper falls, even though unmarked, leads down the hillside. If water levels are high, part of the trail may turn into a stream so prepare yourself for wet feet. You may also be surprised where the path to Little Shickshinny Falls leads you because the upper part of the waterfall is a manufactured dam. The upper falls are about 8-10 feet tall, but you can descend to the lower falls, which is more challenging because of the narrow path and the slick rocky surfaces. If you reach the base of the falls, a fantastic site awaits - a view of this 25-30-foot waterfall as it crashes through a slim slit in the rock walls. To get to Little Shickshinny Falls, head from the parking area (the state game lands parking lot along Shickshinny Valley Road) and walk towards the road (away from town) and turn right. In a few feet you'll see a gated trail on the side of the road you parked on. Walk past the gate and follow this unmarked trail downhill for about five minutes to the top of Little Shickshinny Falls.