Old Albrightsville Cemetery

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All gravestones tell a unique story, but this particular one transcends the ordinary. Legend has it that Aquila Henning, Sr. found himself entangled in an enduring conflict with Harry Wilkinson. It was on that memorable Thanksgiving Day in 1932 when fate took a dark turn as the Hennings and the Wilkinsons embarked on separate hunting expeditions. However, whispers circulated that the Wilkinsons, rather than seeking game, were plotting an ambush. According to Aquila's grieving widow, Harry and seven companions ruthlessly ended Aquila's life. In a bold testament to this tragic event, she commissioned a tombstone that would expose the truth to the world. Instead of the conventional inscription "Died" followed by the date of death, the stone boldly proclaims "Shot," revealing the manner of Aquila's demise. (Submitted by Kelli Seeman-Smith)