Penn's Cave & Wildlife Park

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This is a different type of cave tour mainly because you're not merely walking on an underground tour - you're taking a 45-minute tour by boat into a nicely lit cave! Penn's Cave & Wildlife Park is America's ONLY all-water Cavern & Wildlife Park! There's also a separate 90-minute guided farm, nature, and wildlife tour where you ride in an open air vehicle and explore some 1,600 acres of the Penn's Cave property to see native North American animals that include mountain lion and timber wolves. Still another tour consists of a 3-hour Jeep off road "Cave Rock Mountain Tour." Also look for Prospector Pete's Miners Maze located outside on the Maze Plaza. Enjoy lunch in the Cave Cafe, then head on over to the gift shop or try your hand at panning for real gems at Prospector Pete's Gemstone Panning!