Pennsylvania Capitol Building

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Completed in 1906, the Pennsylvania Capitol Building is a gorgeous example of Renaissance Revival. It's not just a capitol building but also a "palace of art" filled to the brim with sculptures, stained glass windows, and murals. The artwork mostly has to do with the history of Pennsylvania or has been created by people who live or have lived here.

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Harrisburg Pennsylvania
The 203 members of the House of Representatives meet in the house chamber of the capital. Here members cast votes on legislation and debate issues.
One of 24 Stainglass windows in the Senate and House Chambers. they are all framed in 24 karat gold leaf
The back of the capital
Front statues of the main entrance to the capital
Statues on the left side of the main entrance to the capital
Inside the Beautiful capital building
The stained glass dome in the Supreme Court building in Harrisburg Pennsylvania