Pizza Brain

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The Pizza Brain is the world's first pizza museum and pizzeria. This 3-time "Best of Philly" award winner (for the best pizza in Philadelphia) was also ranked among America's top 50 pizzerias according to "Daily Meal." Check out their walls - you'll find the Guinness World Record certified collection and retail store of pizza-related items that make their store unique. They have walls covered in pizza-themed LPs, another with movie posters, and also some toys and other paraphernalia. The few hundred items on display are often in groups or "hidden" in counters and cases in a collection that includes records, books, toys, old advertisements, and unique collectibles from Shakey's and Pizza Hut. They also feature three large-scale installations from Hawk Krall, Isiah Zagar, and Rushawn Stanley (a.k.a. Scumlizard) in their courtyard. Pizza Brain is a quirky eatery known for its pizza memorabilia, artisanal pies with unique toppings, and ice cream.