White Cliffs of Conoy


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Along the Susquehanna River in Conoy Township, you'll find the White Cliffs of Conoy. This attraction brings to mind the White Cliffs of Dover in England, but these cliffs resulted from a previous limestone quarry. The excess quarried minerals were piled near the river, forming enormous, 30-foot-tall white mountains. Along with a great overlook point of the river below, the White Cliffs of Conoy signify the first great industrial waste tourist attraction in the world! A narrow gorge runs between the two cliffs. Reach the bottom by sliding 20 feet down the walls of the first section you'll encounter while hiking. The cliffs are accessible from two parking areas (adjacent to a covered picnic area) in Koser Park by following a 1.5-mile paved path. You can also see the ruins of the old limestone factory and the foundations of several small buildings just about five minutes down the trail from the cliffs. If you wish for an extended hike, the trail leads to Marietta, the Shocks Mill Bridge, the Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve, the Pinnacle Overlook in Lancaster County, and Mill Creek Falls and Duncan Run Falls in York County.



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