Hopsewee Plantation

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Hopsewee Plantation in Georgetown, SC is a historic estate dating back to the 18th century, notable for its Georgian architecture and connection to rice cultivation. With its well-preserved main house and surrounding grounds, the plantation offers guided tours that shed light on its history, the role of enslaved labor, and Southern cuisine. As a site of cultural significance, Hopsewee hosts various events, serving as a reminder of the complex historical narrative of the American South and providing insights into the lives and challenges of its past inhabitants. (Submitted by Kelli Seeman-Smith)

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Gullah geechee presentation are given too. Learn about enslaved West Africans from historian Vennie Deas Moore
Take a sweet grass basket class on Thursdays
Miss Vera Manigault will teach you how to make a sweet grass basket and she has stories to pass the time while weaving