State Street Arts District

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A street with rows of abandoned shops got a makeover when it was refashioned as a center of art. Cayce already had the most important part - a community of thriving artists who were eager to show off their skills. An art lot with free, open space for expression, wall and building murals, and plenty of businesses that cater to novice and experienced artists have breathed new life into this little enclave. The Riverwalk provides great shopping, eating, and a brewery that makes craft beers. For more details on what Cayce has to offer visit the Cayce River Arts District Facebook page. (Submitted by Michael Mascari)

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Boo boo and I !!!
Perfect Piggy on the window, who is the fairest?? Picture by: booboo
Awesome dog park!!!
Doggy park in the art district by Boo Boo VP!!!!
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