Door Trail


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The "Window Trail" allows hikers to look over the wall, but the Door Trail admits you through the wall. Sounds magical as you cross over a short boardwalk and through a natural passageway onto a viewing platform on the other side. Beyond you'll come upon a one-mile round trip hike with views of steep, eroded canyons and gullies and a 50' elevation gain. A wheelchair-friendly walk is also available which stretches a quarter mile out and back to the viewing deck at the boardwalk's end where you'll see a sign that reads: "The Door Trail leads to the broken landscape that earned this area the name Badlands…" So true! To reach this trailhead, take Route 240 the Badlands Loop Road to a large turnout on the east side of the road for Door, Window, and Notch Trails. The Door Trail starts from the northern end of the lot.



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