Pioneer Auto Museum

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This car dealer and gas station in the 1950s was looking to increase business so they purchased several old jalopies and parked them next to the pumps. By the mid-'50s so many cars were parked there that it was decided they'd need to build a museum! Today that museum has grown to over 40 buildings. It's called Pioneer Auto Show, originally started by A.J. "Dick" Geisler and now run by his son, Dave. Pioneer Auto Show promotes a few celebrity vehicles including Elvis Presley's motorcycle, one of Tom Mix's cars, and the only surviving General Lee from "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV series. Other attractions include a flying car, an aqua car, and a car made of wood. Plus, you'll find not only cars but tools and practically any item you can think of like cases filled with old pliers and wrenches, corn cob pipes, door knobs, oil cans, typewriters, Avon bottles, car jacks, tractor seats, slot machines, fire helmets, pot-belly stoves, and cream separators. Even the walls are covered with old magazine ads, posters, signs, and news clippings. One thing is for sure - there are quite a lot of items you could miss in this unusual museum because there is just so much to see!

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