The National Presidential Wax Museum

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Located in the historic town of Keystone, the National Presidential Wax Museum features the works of world-famous wax artist Katherine Stubergh. The National Presidential Wax Museum exhibits over 100 life size wax sculptures including some of the most iconic figures in American history along with a state of the art narration system for each museum visitor. Here you'll see such artifacts as President Bill Clinton's own red, white, and blue saxophone and Florida's controversial ballot boxes from the 2000 presidential election. Other exhibits include original oil paintings of the famed illustrator and painter Harvey Dunn, President Nixon and Apollo 11 astronauts, James Buchanan, Rutherford B. Hayes and President Bush, and a firefighter on the rubble of the World Trade Center - to name a few. The museum also features a gift shop with quirky gifts that can't be found anywhere else in Keystone.