House of Sugar

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La Casa de Azucar has a romantic story behind it. A loving husband wanted to build something of extraordinary beauty for his wife. Thus, he created the House of Sugar, so named because of the delicate and intricate designs that resemble whimsical frosting designs on cakes. While this is private property, you can snap a few photos from the street. (Photo by Brown)

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RUFINO LOYA, a retired Levi employee from El Paso, Texas, promised his wife that he’d build her something beautiful, and the result is an incredibly detailed set of cement decorations around his house, which has earned the name Casa de Azucar or the Sugar House. He began the project in 1973, and started chiseling small and intricate patterns out of cement in the area surrounding his house. Soon he was hooked. For the next 25 years, he spent hundreds of hours carving the designs with great precision and uniformity, and then painting them, transforming his house into a work of art.
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