Fort Zion

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Before you enter Zion National Park you'll notice something that looks like a massive fort with several facades. Fort Zion is mainly a gift shop with several improvements that will attract families. The first attraction you'll notice after entering is the restaurant. The food seems evenly priced, but it's mostly a burger and fries type of joint - regular hamburgers, Buffalo Burgers, Elk Burgers, Wild Boar Burgers, and Venison Burgers. If you're in search of a Rattlesnake burger, you might be in luck! The restaurant is known primarily for its delicious homemade ice cream and not its odd variety of burgers, by the way. Fort Zion includes a bank, jail, saloon, and other western-type buildings for photo opps. But the main attraction for kids in Fort Zion is the petting zoo. The petting zoo fee is only $1 and you'll pay $1 more for three carrots to feed the animals, including llamas, deer, donkeys, and a metal kicking pony that kicks the metal fence if he sees a carrot! Fun times! There's also a gift shop at Fort Zion with hats, shirts, pear cactus jelly, and Native American jewelry.

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