Grafton Cemetery

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Near Mount Zion national park is a historic Mormon ghost town called Grafton. This settlement is on the south side of the Virgin River and it's a pretty peaceful place with surrounding orchards and farmland. The town consists of five original buildings and some partly restored buildings. But the shining star of Grafton is its nearby cemetery containing several graves dating from the period of 1860-1910. The inscriptions on the headstones relay some insight into the harsh living in those times. For example, the three Berry brothers (and one wife) were all killed on April 2nd, 1866 and the five children of John and Charlotte Ballard all died young between 1865 and 1877, none living for more than nine years. The Berry memorial is the largest and a wooden fence encloses it for added protection. This graveyard is also the burial site of several Native Americans.

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