Orderville Gulch

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The Orderville Gulch is a place that displays true Zion beauty; however, the gorge is incredibly narrow, even more so than the Zion Narrows! The walls aren't so little or tall higher up, but as hikers descend towards the Virgin River, the walls seem to close in some areas to only about 10 feet apart. This canyon always has water in it, so swimming and wading are popular pastimes here. The trail itself is an 11-mile, semi-technical trail which means that it requires a permit for the descent. If you want to hone your canyon climbing skills, this is a great place to learn. This one-way trip requires a shuttle drop-off for hikers at the trailhead of Orderville Gulch. Hikers can catch the park shuttle at the end of the hike at the Temple of Sinawava. Orderville Canyon is a common destination for hikers and upstream travel in Orderville Canyon is not allowed after a 1/4 mile. Hikers wishing to hike further upstream must acquire a canyoneering permit and complete the canyon top-down.