Pine Creek Canyon Overlook

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Pine Creek Canyon is a 1.2-mile hike located near Springdale, Utah, and is quite challenging. The hiking area features a waterfall, but the trails used are primarily for rock climbing, and the best times to hike them are from May through October. The route is short by canyoneering standards, but it's strenuous and may take 3-6 hours to complete. You'll face such obstacles as the "intimidator pool" (a 7-foot drop) into deep water unless you swing a bit to the left and lower yourself into a more shallow section. It is overwhelming, as is the remainder of the canyon and it doesn't become any easier. This route requires specialized skills to descend and almost immediately you'll find yourself facing a slot canyon with potholes filled with frigid water. The rappels are exhilarating and the longest is 100 feet. Expect brief swims and do not expect expansive views until you exit the canyon. Only then will you experience a breathtaking view. Directions: Pine Creek is an easy-access canyon that starts at the Canyon Overlook parking lot. The canyon ends at the Route 9 switchbacks in the main canyon.

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