The Great Arch


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The Great “Blind” Arch formed in sandstone and attached to the rock face that you can see from Route 9 in Zion National Park and stretches nearly 400 feet across. There are several areas to pull off for picture taking but you can see the arch from some of the Mount Carmel Tunnel windows. If you're a hiker, this shallow arch that splits off the cliff face is the perfect way to stretch your legs! There is a hikable path and at the top your reward will be an incredible view! Take the park shuttle to the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail. It's easy to reach and relatively flat, making it a popular spot for many hikers. The path travels above the Great Arch and features one of the signature views of Zion Canyon.

Directions: To get to the trail's starting point, take a shuttle from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center to the seventh stop which is the Weeping Rock trailhead.


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