Artists Paintpots


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Artists Paintpots is a 1.1-mile heavily trafficked loop trail near Yellowstone National Park that features various hot springs, mud pots, and small geysers. This trail is best suited for use from May to October and it's suitable for all skill levels. The length of the hike is 0.6 miles with an elevation change of over 100 feet during the walk. The trailhead parking area is on the east side of the Grand Loop Road and the trail is located 3.7 miles south of the Norris Geyser Basin on the west side of Yellowstone National Park. You'll begin the trail with 1/3-mile hike over a level dirt trail and then circle through the hydrothermal area until the path splits - where you can continue in either direction around the loop. When the course turns into a boardwalk climbing up the side of Paintpot Hill, you'll experience different features from the terrain below. This hike is relatively easy and no permit is required, but there is an entrance fee for Yellowstone. To get to the trailhead, drive 3.7 miles south of Norris Canyon Road on Route 89 (Grand Loop Road) and turn left (east) into the parking area for Artists Paintpots Trail. Take note that the higher regions of the trail are not accessible to someone in a wheelchair, stroller, or someone with a walking condition.



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