Beryl Spring

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Beryl Spring is a hot spring located in the Gibbon Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park. This hot spring is a sizable superheated pool that can boil up to a height of 4 feet! The spring is also known as one of the hottest pools in Yellowstone, averaging 196 °F (91 °C)! The Beryl Spring name originates from the gemstone beryl which is blue-green. The hike to the spring is a brisk walk located off Grand Loop Road in Yellowstone National Park but if you want to remain in the car, you can take pictures from the road as you drive by. There is a parking area but be careful backing out onto the street due to limited visibility. This small, beautiful, boiling pool generates dense steam clouds and omits a sulfurous odor, but it's an exciting display, especially if you like geysers!