Black Warrior Springs


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Located in the Lower Geyser Basin area near Fountain Paint Pot, Firehole Lake Drive is a one-way road that runs from south to north. After crossing a small swampy meadow you'll come to the edge of Hot Lake, Black Warrior, and Firehole Lake, three steaming lakes that pontoons allow you to discover by making a tiny loop on either side. In the middle of Black Warrior Lake is Steady Geyser, a permanently active geyser! Although very small it ejects a significant amount of water into Black Warrior Lake while receiving drainage from Firehole Lake. It drains into Hot Lake via some rapids called "Hot Cascades" with a splashing eruption at its center. The bridge over Black Warrior Lake will be wrapped in water vapor if it's cold there and be careful because it is slippery in winter. This area is Bear Protection Area and will be closed every year between March 10 and the Memorial Day weekend (end of May). The small parking lots quickly fill so you may or may not find a place to wait for an impending eruption.



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