Calcite Springs Overlook


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Just north of Tower Falls on the Grand Loop Road is the Calcite Springs Overlook. The boardwalk observation area allows you to look into the canyon below. This overlook surveys the north end of Yellowstone's Grand Canyon where the Yellowstone River leaves steep canyon walls for rolling prairie grasses. Basalt cliffs are across from the overlook and notches along the canyon wall are the favorite nesting places for osprey with its bleached cliffs and steam venting hydrothermal springs. In cool weather wisps of steam rise from Calcite Springs. This loop to the viewing platform is a quarter-mile long and well worth the hike to get there. To get there, drive 0.8 miles south of Tower Junction on Grand Loop Road and pull into the parking area for Calcite Springs Overlook on the east side of the road. If you're driving from the south, go 17.5 miles north of Canyon Junction to the overlook. Calcite Springs Overlook is 1.6 miles north of the trailhead for Tower Fall.



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