Forces of the Northern Range

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This 1/2-mile boardwalk with spectacular mountain views is on the Blacktail Deer Plateau between Mammoth Village and Tower Junction. This lightly trafficked loop takes about 15-20 minutes to travel and it's wheelchair accessible. This trail is suitable for all skill levels. Benches are also along the route for resting. If you want an education about the forces of nature and how they sculpted the land, this is the hike to take. You'll also open your eyes to all types of plants and wildlife alike found on Yellowstone's Northern Range. Keep an eye out in sagebrush hills for bison, elk, coyotes, pronghorn, bears, and other small animals. This area is prone to wildlife closures due to bear activity as well as seasonal weather-related closures. Off the Grand Loop at the south end of the trail is a paved parking lot.

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