Hellroaring Suspension Bridge


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The name "Hellroaring" sounds scary, but the hike itself is calm enough for all ages to enjoy. Rocks are abundant in areas, so this is not a hike you can run through with ease! The Hellroaring Creek trail starts with the descent down to the Yellowstone River Suspension Bridge. The bridge itself is a beautiful sight and it's a picturesque area for photos. It is pretty high, however. Beyond the bridge along the trail, you'll come upon a sandy creek with a mini swimming area and, indeed, there are many swimming holes around this hike which is a surprise for the kids. For those who love to fish, this is one of the areas in Yellowstone that you're allowed to do so. Various ranger stations in the park will provide fishing permits for purchase. Here you'll find cutthroat, rainbow trout, brook, brown, and whitefish. You will have some sharp turning locations back and forth on the return up the hillside (via switchbacks) for about 1.1 miles through a forest of Douglas fir trees, indigenous to this type of terrain in the United States. The fir trees you'll see on the Hellroaring Trail are the aftermath of the 1988 Yellowstone fires. Take note that this is another area where you may find bears, so bring the bear spray.