Imperial Geyser


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The Fairy Creek Trail to the Imperial Geyser is a 6.5-mile moderately trafficked out-and-back trail located near Yellowstone National Park featuring a waterfall. It is suitable for all skill levels and the course offers several activity options and is best used from June until October. A little over a half-mile further down the trail from Fairy Falls is the Imperial Geyser, the best-kept secret in Yellowstone. This geyser became quite active in the 1920s. Because of its size and importance, a contest was organized to give the geyser a new name. Soon after the word "imperial" was chosen, the Imperial Geyser stopped erupting. Today, the Imperial Geyser erupts infrequently and shoots up water in plumes as high as 15 feet, sometimes reaching a height of 35 feet. The colorful pool of water next to the geyser adds more beauty to the entire scenario. The geyser is located within a mile of Fairy Falls where the trail begins at the Fairy Falls/Fountain Freight Drive parking lot located 1.5 miles south of the Midway Geyser Basin parking area. Imperial Geyser is located 0.7 miles from Fairy Falls. The hiking distance is 6.5 miles round trip so if you take the hike, you'll also see two other significant landmarks - the Grand Prismatic Spring and Fairy Falls.



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