Lake Butte Overlook

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Entering the East park entrance you'll come up to the Lake Butte Overlook on the right side of the road, a short (2-minute) steep drive off the main road up to the minor (~5 car) parking lot. This is a favorite sunset spot. Lake Butte Overlook offers sweeping views of Yellowstone Lake surrounded by geyser fields. This overlook is reachable via a road and is one of the rare, easily accessible spots in the park from where you can see the Teton mountain range. In the summer the area is dotted with wildflowers, while in the winter it seems even more isolated under a thick snow cover. Keep an eye out for ruffed grouse and you may witness a courtship display. A short climb north from the overlook area takes you to some exciting trees that have been shaped and refined by the winds that sweep across the point. No buses or trailers are allowed on this road.