Lamar Valley


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Lamar Valley commonly called "The Serengeti of North America," is a great place to see herds of bison grazing and drinking water at the river's edge. Bison aren't the only animals that you 'll see in the valley. In the mountains that surround the valley you may catch a glimpse of some wolves, coyotes, and black bears, as well as elk and moose! The best wildlife viewing time is at dawn and dusk. Grab your binocs and search the area for bald eagles, beaver, mountain goats, pronghorn sheep, ducks, great horned owls, and other birds! One thing is sure: the Lamar Valley is more than just a pretty picture, and it's also more than just spotting wildlife! Lamar Valley delivers some beautiful summer cutthroat and rainbow trout fly fishing and ski trails in the winter. The Lamar Valley Trail is a gorgeous 5.3-mile trail that begins four miles east of the Lamar Ranger Station. If you desire an overnight stay, check out the Slough and Pebble campgrounds. Lamar Valley is in the northeast section of Yellowstone Park between Tower Junction and the park's Northeast Entrance near Cooke City. Vehicles enter between Gardiner (North Entrance) and Cooke City (Northeast Entrance.) To get there, start from the northeast entrance gate for Yellowstone National Park near Cooke City, Montana and drive west on Northeast Entrance Road. You'll enter Lamar Valley after approximately 10 miles. The road ends at Tower Junction after 28.25 miles.



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