Mel Gould's Folk Art

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Mel Gould is an ingenious self-taught engineer, whose passion is to build metal sculptures that also function as power-generators. His wind-driven forms and figures are on display in his yard, where a tall "Wind Thing" generates enough power for Buryville - the name of his home. If Mr. Gould is out in his yard tinkering, this affable gentleman may even take a few minutes out of his workday to talk to you. (Photo by Bryan Luoma)

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Stop #10 - Mel Gould’s Folk Art. We got to meet Mel. A quiet spoken kind of fella who is proud of his creations. He even showed us behind the curtain (or workshop) and showed us the rarely seen “Purple People Eater” and the “Moon Beam”!
Mel and his son explaining what was used for his creations. Mel is THE king of repurpose!
Birthday Fotospots celebration!🥳
April 26, 2023