Natural Bridge Yellowstone


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Bridge Creek cut through this rhyolite rock cliff and the results were this 51 foot (18 m) Natural Bridge. The hiking trail cuts through the forest for 0.7 miles and then joins a service road that continues west for 0.4 miles to the natural bridge. Unfortunately, to protect this landmark the top of the bridge is closed to both hiking and biking. Past the bridge the trail crosses a creek continuing along the cliff before rejoining the road. Take caution in this area because of the slippery conditions. You have the option of either walking or riding your bike on the trail to the bridge. Up the mountainside the walk is more complex but most of the course is relatively flat. This trail is closed usually until early summer because of bears feeding on spawning trout. Check ahead at the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center for the opening dates and other closures. The Natural Bridge bike trail begins south of the marina off the Grand Loop Road and the trailheads are at the Bridge Bay Marina parking lot near the campground entrance road.



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