Norris Porcelain Basin

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Porcelain Basin is part of the Norris Geyser Basin and its name originates from the milky color of the mineral deposited here. The mineral, siliceous sinter, is carried to the surface by hot water, forming a "sheet" over this flat area as the water flows across the ground, resulting in the settling out of the mineral. Fractions of the whitish rock-sheet pulsate from the stream pressure and boiling water beneath them. This area is the fastest-changing area in Norris Geyser Basin. Minerals may seal off a hot spring or geyser by accumulating in its vent. The hot, pressurized water flows may go underground and find another weak area and blow through it. Some features are temporary, their activity lasting a few hours, days, or weeks. A few others have become relatively permanent fixtures in the scene. The boardwalk is an excellent viewing area.

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