Undine Falls

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The least explored northernmost part of Yellowstone has many natural wonders awaiting discovery and one of those wonders is the underrated Upper and Lower Undine Falls. Undine, from German mythology, refers to the wise, female water spirits found around waterfalls who gained souls by marrying mortal men. The location of Undine Falls is just past Mammoth Hot Springs along Grand Loop Road. The sheer power of this roaring cascade of water as you approach the falls is certainly an event you'll not soon forget! Relish in the sound of Lava Creek as it surges its way towards the Gibbon River. The 1.8-mile out-and-back trail is accessible from the Undine Falls parking lot off Grand Loop Road. The falls are a short, easy walk from the parking area. If you desire a more vigorous hike, take the alternate Lava Creek Canyon Trail to Undine Falls, an 8.3-mile out-and-back trek. Be prepared and carry some bear spray with you, however, because this is grizzly country! If you care not for the chance of running into a grizzly, then stop in the small pullout hidden on the road as you drive by and enjoy the falls in that manner.

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